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The talented.
Fighters. True believers.

Thought leaders. Pioneers.

These are the people we invest in and nurture. They’re extremely rare and we’re ecstatic when we find them.


At woom we view ourselves as a true partner, we always invest our own money (as well as being happy to bring in co-investors where required) but importantly we bring extensive experience, skills and contacts to our investee companies. We like to nurture and support entrepreneurs and early stage businesses to fulfil their potential. We are not a passive investor by nature and believe that we provide “smart money” that adds value to our investee companies.

Specialising in the Technology and Media sector we are able to tap into the proven knowledge and experience of our people enabling us to make quick and informed investment decisions. We do invest in non TMT companies, but only when they are technology based and sector disruptive and where there’s a super compelling reason to do so.  



Our ethos is simple, it is about spotting

The talented. The Fighters. The true believers.
The determined. The Thought leaders. The pioneers and then helping them fulfil their business dreams.


We have experience across all stages of the business cycle but at woom we have a preference for investing in early stage exciting businesses where the business model is embryonic and where early stage development capital is required to get the business started.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in both private and public company worlds, at woom we know how to secure optimal outcomes from early stage investee companies.


We have grown global businesses from embryonic start up to valuations of over £200m, from one employee to over 1,000, from an amalgam of acquisitions across different geographies to highly cash generative organic growth businesses. We believe we have the skills and experience to help entrepreneurs grow their business and maximise their return on exit.


Product roadmap


The woom team has worked in all areas of the business world from the lonely entrepreneur just starting off, to the Chair in plc world. Undertaking numerous startups, business acquisitions, disposals and stock market floatations. We know and understand the emotions involved in building and selling a business, the excitement of a stock market floatation, and the challenges when things don’t workout as planned.  

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We are proud to work with an experienced team of external partners and advisors, many of whom we have worked with for many years. We give our investee companies immediate access to this team, providing them with responsive, high quality and invaluable advice.

Good advise is the key to any important decision, whether it be legal, financial, banking or marketing. Our investee companies will benefit from our extensive network of professional industry contacts.

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Our business success fuels our passion for Art.

woom provide support to a growing number of Art based projects. We focus on the more rewarding part of the art market in targeting and investing in up and coming artists and art based community projects. We identify and then help artists get to the take-off point of their career and through our work with selective community projects we aim to introduce art to people who may not have the opportunity to enjoy art and the many benefits that art can bring to their all-round wellbeing.

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