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Airtime Rewards

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AR is revolutionising the Loyalty & Rewards sector through its unique preparatory technology and digital currency. Airtime’s clients include Telefonica, EE, Vodafone, Boots, Waitrose, Primark and many more Tier one Telco’s and Retailers. 

One iota

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Through its unique technology platform Oneiota breaks down the barriers between online and in-store shopping by helping retailers create a seamless experience across every device.


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Samply is an innovative market research application that enhances the way brands capture consumer insights. Using Samply, brands are able to engage and reward their users for their valued opinion. Social media integration incentivises users to share products with their peer’s, contributing to compelling brand exposure through promotional campaign activity.

Smart Agent - MissionLabs

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Smart Agents omnichannel content centre application integrates with Amazon connect. It provides agents with all the data, information and reporting they need to provide a better customer experience, whilst greatly reducing handling costs.

CircleLoop - MissionLabs

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A cloud based business phone system that runs in simple cloud-based apps rather than being reliant on cables, clunky hardware and complicated SIP connections. A system that is completely self-service which can be set up and managed without the need for technical knowledge. 


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Micregen is a biotech company, established by leading stem cell scientists to translate their lifetimes work through to the bedside. Developing stem cell derived therapeutics that will significantly improve overall treatment results, speed up patient recovery time and increase patient throughput, saving lives and costs.


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Is an international provider of technology for mobile phone and Smartphone marketing, business communications, mobile websites, mobile entertainment, mobile news and mobile banking. Its services are used in mobile phone and smartphone marketing, interactive messaging, mobile internet and publishing, smartphone applications, mobile ticketing and coupons, mobile security and secure payment.


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Has developed an industry disrupting platform for vehicle rescue and recovery. Based on UBER style technology i-rescue is working with the ~ AA RAC and Green Flag.

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CoolFire has designed and developed a patented valve which can be retrofitted into any air conditioning or fire sprinkler system to deliver both fire protection and heat control through the same system.


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Broca has addressed the security issues of the mobile industry without any change to existing communication protocols, infrastructure of short message service connectivity. Based on the UK Government’s security classification it has the capacity to make a mobile phone more secure than a credit card chip and pin system. The protocol is protected by International patents.  

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The Artchain is built upon DLT Technology (Blockchain) to provide a fully encrypted non fungible record of art work and its provenance. With absolute certainty and security, title of art can be transferred through agreement of buyer and seller in a transaction that is immutable on The Artchain.



OnSide’s Youth Zones are designed to give young people aged 8–19 years old (25 for those with a disability) somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to in their leisure time; occupying their bodies and minds with fun activities, learning new skills and socialising in a safe, positive way.

OnSide Youth Zones are there for young people in deprived areas, where the alternative for many is spending their evenings on the streets or isolated in their bedrooms, surfing the internet.

Inspire Youth Zone


Chorley Youth Zone, named by young people as ‘Inspire’, is a purpose-built facility for the borough’s young people aged 8 – 19, and up to 25 for those with disabilities.

Inspire is based upon OnSide Youth Zones 21st Century Youth Facility Model, where young people from across Chorley have access to fantastic facilities for a cost of £5 for an annual membership and 50p per visit.

Inspire Youth Zone provides a fun and safe environment where young people can come and enjoy themselves and will enable young people to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.


The ambition of this fundraising initiative is to provide over 50,000 young people with access to high-quality visual arts provision, through the installation of fully-equipped pottery studios throughout the OnSide Network.


arts in the community investment

Make North provides access to high quality pottery tuition, facilities and materials and ensures these are available and accessible to all. Make North do this by offering members complete flexibility in how they access services, with: tutorials, led by professional artists, available both online and in person; a firing service; doorstep collection and sessional booking of wheels and other facilities. Make North also works with community groups and schools to deliver regular face to face and online workshops and one-off projects.

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